For ACM Members in China


DL Pearls from China is a new feature for ACM members in China, providing access to the most recent advances in computing from the renowned ACM Digital Library. These resources include outstanding papers from recent ACM-related conferences and newly published articles in ACM’s prestigious computing journals as well as other major publishers of computing literature. All of the selections, which are chosen by the ACM China Student Editorial Board, are accompanied by translations of the article abstract. These articles offer the opportunity to stay current on breakthrough research, emerging technologies, and innovative applications in the rapidly changing computing field.


"DL Pearl from China"是面向ACM中国会员的新服务,主要通过开放ACM数字图书馆的部分文章使会员们了解计算领域的最新进展。这些文章包括近期ACM相关会议中的优秀论文、最新发表在ACM顶级杂志中的文章以及发表在其他计算领域中重要出版物中的文章。ACM中国学生编委负责所有文章的筛选,并提供文章摘要的中文翻译。我们希望这些文章能为会员们提供一个接触到计算领域中最新科研突破、新生技术以及创新应用的机会。